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Snapshot (Summit 617), Works by Erasmus Widmann, Charles Whittenberg, Antonio Troilo, Trevor Gureckis, Thomas Morley, Shafer Mahoney, Ludwig Maurer, John Ward


In Gabrieli's Day (Summit 429), released 7/2005
Works by Marenzio, Merulo, Chilese, Priuli, Gabrieli, Gastoldi, Cangiasi, Mazzi, Biumi, Canali, Schütz
Jewels (Summit)
Works by Osvaldo Lacerda, William Lovelock, Clint Needham, Vittorio Rieti, Steven Sacco, and David Sampson

State of the Art: 50th Anniversary 2-CD set (Summit)
Music by Gordon Beeferman, Billy Childs, Justin Dello Joio, Robert Dennis, 
Nolan Gasser, Robert Maggio,
Paul Moravec, Huang Ruo, David Sampson, 
Adam Schoenberg,
Joan Tower.
All 21st Century works.



Recordings by the American Brass Quintet
State of the Art: The ABQ at 50 (2-CD set): (Summit 553) Released 10/15/2010
Works by Charles Whittenberg, Robert Dennis, Gordon Beeferman, Paul Moravec, Huang Ruo, David Sampson, Justin Dello Joio, Joan Tower, Billy Childs
Jewels (Summit 484) Released 8/7/2007
Works by Osvaldo Lacerda, William Lovelock, Clint Needham, Vittorio Rieti, Steven Sacco, and David Sampson
Cheer, Boys, Cheer! (New World 80652) Released 10/2006
Volume 2 of Music of the 26th N.C. Regimental Band, CSA
In Gabrieli's Day (Summit 429), Released 7/2005
Works by Marenzio, Merulo, Chilese, Priuli, Gabrieli, Gastoldi, Cangiasi, Mazzi, Biumi, Canali, Schütz 
American Visions (Summit 365), Released 5/2003
Works by Melinda Wagner, Andrew Thomas, William Schuman, Robert Beaser, Joan Tower, Samuel Adler
A Storm in the Land: Music of the 26th N.C. Regimental Band, CSA New World Records (80608)
 American Brass Quintet Brass Band - 10 Brass, 2 percussion.
Shadowcatcher by Eric Ewazen (New World Records 80587-2), Released 7/1/01
    for Brass Quintet and Wind Ensemble (Juilliard Wind Ensemble, Mark Gould, conducting; with wind ensemble works by William Schuman and Mel Powell) 
Classic American Brass (Summit 275), Released 11/8/2000
  Composer: Ingolf Dahl, Robert Sanders , Elliott Carter, Charles Whittenberg 
Quintessence (Summit 263), Released 5/1/2000  American Record Guide Review  ITA Review
Composers: William Brade, Thomas Stolzer, Josquin des Prés, J.S. Bach, Cherubini, Victor Ewald (No2), Anthony Plog, Henri Lazarof

Note: There were a few of the new CD's that were distributed with an incorrect booklet, to see if you have the wrong booklet, click here.

Premier (Summit 187), Released 11/12/96
    Composers: Gunther Schuller (Brass Quintet No. 2), David Sampson (Distant Voices), Dan Welcher, Jan Bach
Fyre & Lightning (Summit 181), Released 06/13/95
    Music of the Late Renaissance
New American Brass (Summit 133) , Released 08/07/92 CD
    Composers: Robert Dennis(Blackbird Variations) , David Sampson (Morning Music), Eric Ewazen (Colchester Fantasy) , Bruce Adolphe (Triskelion)
ABQ Plays Bolcom/Druckman/Shapey (New World Records 377), Released 07/02/92 CD



Brass Music of St. Petersburg (Musical Heritage Society MHS 7557L)



The ABQ: The Music of America (Japan VIC 28181) CD


American Brass Quintet (Crystal S214)  Re-released on CRYSTAL CD (CD214)
Yankee Brass Band: Music of the mid-19th Century (New World Records 312) , Released 07/02/92 CD

The American Brass Quintet: Music of the mid-1800's (Titanic Ti 81)


ABQ Plays Renaissance/Elizabethan (Delos 3003) , Released 01/01/87 CD

Music for Brass 1500-1970 (Desto 6474-77) A four record set of music by Palestrina, Gottfried Reiche, John Dowland, Tielmann Susato, Michael East, Johann Pezel.  Record 2: Anton Simon, Victor Ewald, Glazounov. Record 3: Poulenc, Hindemith, William Bergsma, Ingolf Dahl, Robert Starer.  Record 4: Elias Tanenbaum, Giacomo Manzoni, Darijan Bozic, Charles Whittenberg.



The American Brass Quintet (MPS 15243 SABA) (re-released as BASF KMB 20812)



The ABQ: Festival of Two Worlds, Spoleto, Italy (AV4975)



The Music from Spoleto (Mercury SR2-9133)



4 for 5: Four Pieces for Five Brass Players (Serenus 12041)



Modern Music for Brass (CRI 229)



American Brass Music (Nonesuch H-71222)


Music of the Renaissance and Baroque (Folkways FW03652)

Reissued on CD - recorded in 1967

Music for Brass Quintet (Folkways FW03651)

Reissued on CD - recorded in 1965

Collections featuring the American Brass Quintet
Regenesis - Music of Renewal 
Anthony Plog: Concerto 2010
American Brass Quintet, Texas Christian University Wind Symphony, Bobby R. Francis, conductor
Also Music by David Maslanka and Alfred Reed

Label: Albany Records
Music of David Sampson 
Serenade for Flügelhorn and Strings, Sonata Forty, Strata for brass quintet, Dectet
Release Date: 10/25/2005
Label: Albany Records
Meyer Kupferman: Orchestral Music Vol Xiv (includes Quintet for Brass)
Release Date: 04/30/2002 
Label:  Soundspells Productions   Catalog #: 133 
Trilogy - Chamber Music Of Daniel Asia
Release Date: 02/03/2004   Label: Summit Records   Catalog: 385

Music For The Soloists Of American Brass Quintet By Eric Ewazen Label: Well-Tempered Productions

Fantasia for 7 Trumpets, Sonata for Trumpet and Piano, A Western Fanfare, Sonata for Trombone and Piano, Ballade, Pastorale and Dance for Flute, Horn and Piano

Portrait: Gunther Becker (Gunther Becker: Scanning)(Cybele 660.202) double CD
Music To My Ears Music to My Ears: Elizabethan Madrigals (Arabesque Z6695) CD
Robert Starer: Evanescence (Albany 244) CD
Robert Starer:  Annapolis Suite, etc (Master Musicians Collective 2048), Released 05/20/97
Eric Ewazen: Chamber Music (Well-Tempered Productions 5172), Released 03/16/95
  Composer: Eric Ewazen (Frost Fire) 
Journal/November Sky, (Bridge 9049), Released 6/19/95
    Composer: David Felder

Jersey Sessions: GGRYYZY MLGORN of Harold Oliver (CGNJ 0989) CD


Torquemada/Qt Pno Winds & Perc (New World Records 80442) , Released 10/19/93
    Composer: Leonardo Balada
Works By Powell/Shapey/Roseman (New World Records 80413) , Released 05/08/91
     Roseman Double Quintet with the New York Woodwind Quintet
Sings Faure & Druckman (Bridge 9023), Released 11/27/90
    With Jan DeGaetani, Mezzo-soprano
Urban Classical - Music of Ed Bland, (Cambria Records 1026), Released 01/20/95
    Composer: Ed Bland
Vladimir A. Ussachevsky: Dialogues and Contrasts (CRI SD 543)
Virgil Thomson: A Portrait Album (Nonesuch D-79024)
Contemporary Music: Percussion and Brass (CRI S 327) Brass Quintet of Irwin Bazelon

Elliott Carter: Brass Quintet (Columbia Odyssey Y-34137)
In the Light (The Music of Keith Jarrett) Brass Quintet (ECM 1033/34)
Walker: Chamber Music, et al (Albany Records 154) , Released 03/27/95
   Composer: George Walker

Picture of album cover

The Music of Francis Thorne (Serenus 12035)


The Music of John Lessard, Vol. II (Serenus 12026)
The Music of Arthur Custer (Serenus 12024)
 cover The Music of Vittorio Rieti, Vol. II (Serenus 12023)

Excursions (Parks Grant) (CRI 222)



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